Saturday, May 25, 2013


May 2013

The May Rockland Food Swap brought us together once again to taste and share. We met for the third time at the Piermont Reformed Church through the graciousness of Rev. John. 

More home brewed wine arrived and some delicious vanilla yogurt, strawberry jam, fresh scones, lots of biscotti, date rolls, orange-vodka, freshly laid eggs, mushroom frittata bites, homemade lemon-pepper mayonnaise and sriracha mayonnaise, Piermont maple syrup, garden plants, and more.

The stewardship of the Swap was turned over to Sarah Reshot who will take it on and continue to see it flourish. Please help her out. Register in advance. Tell your friends. And enjoy the fruits of each others labors and culinary delights.

Strawberry Jam getting set up.
A few jars of mayonnaise and more...

Chocolate Chip Biscotti pieces.

Yogurt ready to be tasted.

Plants to share.

Perhaps he is bidding for some of those eggs...

That Cabernet Sauvignon...and not bad.

Almond Biscotti...just like it says.

Tasting Vicki's experiment with making 
Lemoncello but with Oranges.
If you drink enough of it you won't get a cold.

Lovely lily-of-the-valley and lilacs.

Date Bites - packaged and ready to taste.

Strawberry Jam. Yum.


Filling out a bid form.

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